Det amerikanska skivbolaget Resistance Records, som är en av världens största distributörer av nazistisk rockmusik, har skickat följande lägesrapport:

"At approximately ten o´clock on the morning of Wednesday, April 9th, 1997 the main office of Resistance Records Incorporated, (a producer and distributor of White separatist rock music) had its front door kicked in by a team of heavily armed police. Elements of the Michigan State Police and Oakland County Sheriff´s Department crashed into the rural house used as the company´s headquarters in Highland, Michigan and leveled their shotguns at the head of an un-armed and surprised Resistance Records staffer... ordering him to the floor.

A copy of a lengthy 33 page warrant was served by the police who then busied themselves by ransacking the premises. Local neighbors came out of their homes and curious reporters arrived in time to observe the officers loading box after box of computer equipment, documents, magazines, compact disks and cassettes onto a U-Haul truck which the authorities had rented for the occasion. After approximately six hours, the police left, taking with them the company´s music inventory, it´s software, and the majority of its financial records. These police officers, acting on orders from "Big Brother", executed this particular seizure reportedly for a discrepancy involving "Michigan State Sales Tax".

Resistance Records has been doing business out of Michigan since its incorporation there in 1993. The majority of the company´s founders are Canadians who had to set up the business in the United States because Canadian citizens aren´t protected under a constitution that respects free speech. From the outset, and because of the nature of the product that is produced and distributed by the company, the founders of Resistance Records realized that their business, would be "under the microscope" and
scrutinized by government agencies who take their cues from certain "special interest groups". Therefore, the company always endeavored to ensure that business was conducted "by the numbers" in accordance with Federal and State laws. The company had even gone so far as enlisting the aid of a professional, commercially available accountant to assist with taxes.

The above mentioned tax discrepancy could easily have been straightened out with a simple phone call, fax or a visit by a tax representative. The company certainly would have complied with an audit and any money owed would have been paid immediately. Apparently the System had something else in mind.
Any other business would have been contacted by the means mentioned above. It doesn´t take a "rocket scientist" to figure out that the seizure was a move to gather names and addresses from the company´s 5,000+ mailing list. Obviously, the collection of the company´s inventory was done in an effort to shut down Resistance Records for good.

In this day and age, police actions prompted by irresponsible government officials are not an uncommon occurrence. Whether one agrees or disagrees with the views presented by Resistance Records... the bottom line is that this is clearly an attempt to stifle free speech. If this sort of thing can happen to a music company which operates above ground in a legitimate fashion... then no one is safe.

Journalists, news agencies and publishers are invited to contact Resistance.
Records representatives through its voice mail hotline (313) 438-1440 or by writing to: Resistance Records P.O.Box 24700, Detroit, Michigan 48224 U.S.A.