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L|\Z || Newport

Look you stupid sorry ass system admin. mabey after this hack you might learn about a little werd we refer to as SECURITY hahaha then agian now that i over look your system agian i know that you will still have no clue! And by the way well i have all ya'll lamer ass' attention i just wanted to give a shout to YES a bigger lamer then hoax that stupid putz boy thats going aroud not hacking but most likely do to this amount of lameness is passwd guessing, putting up these lame ass pages with that nastey i mean really nastey bitch named Claire Danes just want to say find a bitch that aint so damn doggy looking!!! I mean what are you trying to prove here besides for the simple fact that you are lame? Never the less I want to give a warm shout to a REAL BITCH a very Nice looking girl that is mine and 1000 times better then Claire Danes...N-Girl im gonna fuck you tonight to bring in the NEW YEAR!!!!! and a shout to the people that are not lame including, Dezzy, Syscon, Inhale (I told you i would say sup!), Wipeout...keep it real, and Krypto i aint forgot bout you guyz :) peace out and have a Happy New Years
P.S. Mabey Mr Sys admin can make a New Years Resolution to secure his site!

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2Pac rest in peace