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Begin Transmission: tr4nsm1$i0n c0mming t0 y0u liv3 fr0m the undergr0und.

the f0ll0wing 1$ a p4id advert1sement f0r the ge0rge f0rman grill.....

w3 1n the underground have n0ticed th4t the first national bank 1s taking a poll to see
if rem0te banking is a viable, worth-while concept that bank cust0merz would be interested in.
We th0ught w3d sh4re our opin1on on the matt3r...

why n0t? int3rnet b4nking would be qu1ck and e4sy. g1ve us convinence 0r give us de4th!
1t w0uld s0lve al0t of problemz, long lines at dr1ve up tellerz, lines inside the b4nk,
having t0 drive t0 the bank...etc. aft3r all, we as amer1canz are l4zy muthrfuq3rz. but
the pr0z outwe1gh the c0nz.

n0w 1 kn0 some uf u ar3 s4ying t0 ur d0wnsyndr0me afflicted selv3s, "what about security?".
secur1ty? th1z is the inturn3t bub. 1t d0nt g1t m0re sekure. s0 ple4z, feel free t0 bank over
the intern3t in a p0inting and cl1cking frenzy. w3 1n the undergr0und w0uld l0ve to h4ve ur bus1ness.

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