here at the k-9 breeders club, we try our damnest to cross breed humans and dogs, but it hasn't worked quite as we have expected it to. our secret club continues to operate in hopes that one day we will achieve our most sacred goal. to breed the precursor to the next quasi-human race. we will succeed in our goal! no one can stop us!! not to mention that 9 out of 10 women prefer dog prick to their men. 9 out of 10 women also use bell atlantic. coincidence? our studies, which will be published shortly, have shown that bell atlantic and dog prick are closely tied together in many ways.

for a small fee, you too can become part of our revolution. let your quasi-human children know they were the beginning of a new era. one where you could walk up to a hot quasi-chick and sniff her crotch without fear of being slapped or handed a lawsuit. the dawn of this era is on the horizon. join us in our journey to it. our new website can take your pledges and requests online. visit: to use your credit card to donate money to our research or apply to become a quasi-human host breeder.

here, our prize humper, Stallion, mounts his willing host, Ophie.
imagine the sensation, apply now!

suggestions and comments to:

we will try to accomodate everyone with the size of doggie prick they request, because here at k-9 breeders, we realize that all vaginas are not created equal and not every woman can enjoy Stallion like Ophie did above.



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