nice pic for a hacked site, huh?
tHiS sHItTy AsS SItE HAs BeEn HaCKeD BY Lord-Acid¡¡¡
THiS sITe hAs BeEn RAtEd #1 LaME AsS SiTe ARoUnD¡ iF ThIS sITe cOnTInUeS tO SUcK, wE oF THe Federation wIlL ConTInUe tO hACk ThIS pIeCE oF ShIT. THeSe aRE sImPle REqUeSTs, jUSt MaKE tHiS SItE nOT sO FUcKiN lAMe.
FaceX-from one pro to another
Zero Crew-all da memberz
Swedish Hacker's Alliance
dA pEePz aT 2600
aNd dA pEePz aT phrack
A lItTlE iNFo oN tHe Federation:
wE ArE a nEW hAcKIng GrEWp tHaT iS sEt OuT tO fuCk uP aLl tHe lAMeAsS sITeS lIkE tHiS oNE.
sOMe FuCK U's tO aLl dA PpL wE dON't lIKe:
#illusion(on EFnet) esp. WeST
tHa CiA
tHa FbI
misfitz(sOMe LAmOR oN EFnet)
Federation mEMbErS tHAt DeSeRVe ReCOnIgTIoN:
Lord-Acid-oF cOuRsE, SiNCe hE iS tHa HAcKeR oF ThIS sITe, DoES lOTs Of SHiT
|raz0r|-mE, DoES dA HtML aNd CaRDs
PoUcH-JuST tHoUgHT hE dEsERvEd sOMe ReCOnIgTiOn¡ : )
SItE HaCKeD bY Lord-Acid
hTMl DOnE bY |raz0r|
iF YoU gOT AnY qUeSTiONs aBoUt tHe Federation, cOnTAcT uS ON eFNeT iN #federation, OnLY fOR pPl wANtINg tO jOiN oR gIvE uS cONgRaTS¡¡