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* In Memoriam: Jim Kepner (he raped little boys too!) *

"pedofiles rape children, there is no excuse!
  What if it were your child?"
                                               --Margaret Mead

What People Are Saying (for the most part... that NAMBLA advocates the rape of little boys)

What Can Science Tell Us? (that this type of sickness isn't genetic! child rapists are just sick and depraved on their own)

Boys Speak Out (Tell us about your latest piece of ass!)

Allen Ginsberg (read about an actual rapist!)


Join Us Today! (receive your own pamphlet "how to pick up little boys")

Selected Readings (e.g. "boys, how to sex0r them!" and "why pedophiles aren't sick bastards who should be roasted in hell as Satan rapes them"

For More Information (our info kit will show you how to get your own piece of young ass!)

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