(This hack goes out to all the Worlds Governments, Media and especially the PEOPLE. The website attacked is nothing to do with this nuclear affair, but we needed to get this message across quickly.)

pr0ps to miasma

w0rd up kiddies...th1s is what we are here for, to keep you informed and make sure you ain't fed any bullshit from anyone. This mass-takeover goes out to all the people out there who want to see peace in this world. Personally, we are fed up of all this nuclear shit and we have started to expose the truth about the countries who are 'exploiting' their nuclear power. Why do they bother? Its not smart, its not a boost to the nations confidence and pride and its defiently NOT a show of power, after all, if it is, WE have power over you, we have the information that you do not want us to have, thats why you are HOPELESSLY trying to find us, but, believe me, you will not find us all.....

This quest will never end. We will always get more information, we have found that after we made threats to own more etc. India and Pakistan took machines which we targetted OFF the internet. That shows fear, they are scared of what we can and will do. The milw0rm trojan will continue to attack them, not just over the next few weeks, but over the next few months. This isn't just a small-time attack which will see milw0rm come and go. This is an attack which will see us own more of the same. We do not like all this nuclear testing shit and in 1998 it shouldn't even be entering the minds of countries who should want peace and not destruction.

'Whats the point of saying destroy? We want a new life for everywhere.'
Paul Weller, The Jam - All Around The World, 1977

Try to imagine a world after a nuclear war, try to imagine what it would be like if the bomb did drop. Well, we may as well stop imagining now, because it will ALL be over. There would be nothing left. Although we have a lot of complaints with how the world today is, it feels like PARADISE in comparison with the thought of the world after the total destruction of a nuclear conflict.

The world governments and Law Enforcement agencies are trying to find us...WHY? All we are doing is putting foward a message that you people are taking yourselfs and your countries along the path to SELF-DESTRUCTION. Look at the below picture, and honestly tell us that you are not bothered by this image. Tell us that it doesn't strike fear into your hearts and minds. Tell us that you would like to see this day happen. Because as far as we can see, you don't care, it seems as if it is just a matter of time before this will happen, and we do not want to see this, so we PROTEST, we stand up to you, we are not scared of letting you know the TRUTH, something that you have been scared of giving us all these years, so we take our own truth, we take the evidence we need, and we make sure people know the truth....

we want to prevent this

Imagine, all your land, friends, family, possesions, everything, gone. All because of some egotistic governments and countries in this world. Surely, the developed countries (United States, United Kingdom etc.) do not want to see this. We thought that nuclear peace talks were going to happen? It doesn't seem like that anymore, all is fucked up, the pressure does not exist to make countries get involved without using violence. This tension is not good, it scares you as much as it scares us. For you all know that this could seriosuly escalate into a big conflict between India and Pakistan and possibly even World War III, and this CANNOT happen. This must be resolved NOW, we the people, DEMAND it, its not asking for much, just for you to use your power to keep the world in a state of PEACE and put a stop to all this nuclear bullshit....

Thanx for listening.
milw0rm and Ashtray Lumberjacks Team Effort

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Thanx to anyone who has supported milw0rm since the beginning, we have WAY to many Individuals/groups to mention, and we decided not to mention individuals as there are just too many. Organisations which have really stood out, either through media support or moral support included :-

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Peace Out