spl0it@#|!    waking y0u up            fundación hábitat c0l0mbia-owned

welc0me t0 the owned website of the

c0l0mbia habitat f0undati0n
savin the rainf0rest (see picture)
savin the rainf0rest

destructi0n of the tr0pical rainf0rest

the ficti0n:

the g0vernment d0es anything they can t0 st0p this
the g0vernment d0esnt take pr0fit outta all of this

the facts:

gl0bal rate of destructi0n
2.47 acres per sec0nd: equivalent t0 tw0 U.S. f00tball fields
137 species of lifef0rms are driven int0 extincti0n every day
analyser and makaveli are lamers-everyb0dy 0wns y0u

please st0p braggin b0ut y0u guys savin the rain f0rest all the time, c0z y0u arent.
y0u're only makin it w0rse. st0p usin w0rds use deeds. the only thing y0u're d0ing
rite n0w is watching. watching h0w the rainf0rest gets destructed.. acre by acre,
species by species. just st0p the shit okay ? - y0u're fightin against the wr0ng pe0ple!
but if y0u're really that determined...save the planet..kill y0urself

in c0ntradicti0n t0 what the original pages says, c0l0mbia has n0
rainf0rest left. its all bein destructed, and y0u are d0in n0thin b0ut it-y0u sh0uld
be ashamed of y0urselves. maybe try c0nstructin f0r a change, that might be nice...

s33k & d3str0y ... y0urselves

m0ther nature g0es b3wm

hacked by the spl0it crew
cellbl0ck & f0bic

whrdupz to

in this hack n0 files were harmed, n0 trees def0restated, n0 animals killed
t0 all the users wh0 stumbled up0n this page t0 check out the nature in c0l0mbia-our ap0l0gies-
click here t0 pr0ceed t0 the original page.
y0ur sekurity is futile#@~