Hanson sux more than ever now. They've been on countless TV shows, millions of magazines, and they've been topping off all the charts. Hanson is currently making their mom cum, After all, that's what Hanson is all about. If you didnt know Hanson are F4GG4TZ you'll never know. If you don't know who Hanson is, or if you do know but don't like them, you have been warned by others. This page can help you with that, our multimedia page can help you listen to Hanson and learn to hate them even more, and out fan files section, gives you stories by people who saw or met Hanson. So for all of the latest info on Hanson make sure to say in tour with Hanson-Web.ComAnd remember.. the security of this site sux!


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for h4XXiN' DiS LaME SITE!

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This is the god of all haxxors, loket. ph33r him or be 0wned!

This is the god of all haxxors, loket. ph33r him or be 0wned!

I was at the Chicago show, and Planet Hollywood where Hanson did a press conference!!! The story will never come. And also expect sounds from the tour show. Click here for excuive pictures.

You can now vote for MTV's Total Request Online!!! Click here.Or you can vote the same old wa by calling 1 800 DIAL-MTV or by e-mailing them at total@mtvmail.com.Vote for "River".

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