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Ya Kn0w Wh3n ya 0Wn A b1g 3r33T siTe Sh0utz are 4 mUst:

: HcV , Debriz, ech0, UT- , chem1 st , mindphasr, mosthated (gH) , zyklon , bronc, 2600. L2x, Hp4 , innerpulse, ken , ch0wn, l0pht demoniz HNN and the rest.

Fagg0ts That Need t0 d13:

: silicosis/ez00ns , jaypee , h4g15, Dalnet and the rest of the faggots that sit dher , Diablo and the frontpage pentaguard 3l33t faggot creW.
irc.psychic.com (The official transvestite irc server )

- " We di d no harm blame it on the drugs , on a serious note we are not trying to prove anything to anyone but "security weakness" - bah bullshit we just wanted to 0wn yew I mean hell i searched for p0rn and i got 35 results linking to Bill Clinton. -It's a go at thing.

B0w to dah g0at

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