You're box was 0wn3d.
Fuck you.

Look at the intresting things we found in Bill's personal files.
Recording #1 Recording #2 Picture

Why did we hack this domain? Simple, we fucking could. Maybe this will teach the world a fucking lesson. Stop all the war. Consintrate on your own problems. Nothing was damaged, but we not telling how we got in. Fear the end of the world is upon us, in a few short months it will all be over. Y2K is coming.

Following peeps get some shouts:
  • mosthated
  • c4thy
  • Zyklon
  • Loophole/eliach
  • All gH
  • #pascal
  • hhp
  • LoU
  • C.L.N.
  • LoRtHiC
  • Caroline Meinel - CRACK WH0RE!!!!
  • Tiffany G. - j00 fucking kunt! fjear the p00!

gH World Domination
Fjear. wuz here

j00r 0wn3r

Official Whitehouse site