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India, a Terrorist State

The massive repressive tactics of the Indian Security Forces
in the State of Punjab have drawn harsh criticism from both
inside and outside India. At one stage, the hatred
amongst the Sikh community for the Indian Government
had reached such a stage that the years old trusted
Sikh bodyguards of the then Indian P.M. Indira Gandhi
could not restrain themselves and shot her dead in her
official residence.  
India has actively organized and funded a proxy civil war
in Sri-Lanka to bring the country to its heels. It is
now an open secret that Rajiv Gandhi, the ex-Premier
if India, took personal interest in the formation and
activities of the terrorist outfit LTTE in northern
Sri-Lanka. He used LTTE to blackmail Sri-Lanka in order
to bring its foreign policy in-line with that of India.
The violence that followed has destroyed Sri-Lanka's
tourism based economy and caused a lot of bloodshed.
Hatred against such activities was obvious when
Rajiv Gandhi got beaten with a stick by a Sri-Lankan
Guard, when the Indian Premier was taking a Guard
of "Honor" while on a "good-will visit" to that
country. This happened in front of cameras for the rest
of the world to see. The havoc brought forward by
terrorism in Sri-Lanka eventually resulted by the
death of Rajiv Gandhi in a suicide bomb attack, by the
same LTTE he formed and funded but later withdrew
support from, once his objectives had changed.
These facts clearly portray that both sides in the
current Sri-Lankan conflict are aware of and detest the
role of India in fomenting trouble in their erstwhile
peaceful country.
Even now, India is actively engaged in terrorist ventures
in neighboring Pakistan where there are bombs being
exploded every now and then. Also another novelty
of RAW's modus operandi is the sniper phenomenon,
where RAW agents appear randomly in the streets of
Karachi and fire indiscriminately at innocent
civilians. No cause can be attributed to such senseless
acts, only that in private Indians claim that such acts
are a "tit-for-tat" for Pakistan's "involvement" in
India's dismal record in upholding the human rights
of its minorities is not limited to Eastern Punjab and the
Occupied Kashmir alone. Its brutal massacres of the
members of its Naga minority is yet another example of
India's utter disregard for the value of human rights of
its minorities. The destruction of Babri Mosque
in Ayodhya by Hindu fanatics, was openly
supported by the fundamentalist Hindu
Government, which forcibly stopped the local Muslims
from going and saving one of their most holy and ancient
places of worship. The police openly helped Hindu fanatics
tear the historic mosque down. This was followed by
bloody riots in Bombay, where the local police
watched mobs of hateful Hindu zealouts slay Muslims
to their deaths. Even women and children were not
spared. An inquiry was forced to be opened as to
ascertain the partisan behavior of local administration
but was killed by the Hindu extremist government as being
'unnecessary'. Later the fundamentalist government
accused local Muslims for the carnage and started
expelling them without mercy from their homes in and
around Bombay.
Such is the true face of "secular" India.

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