Defaced by the DHC

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The youth is going down the drain and we all know it. You see it more and more: guy takes gun and then kills himself. But problems are called "trends" now. And while the youth that leaves school now are usually too dumb to write properly we are "proud" of our "heritage" and parents don't think about the fact that they're going to rule the world when they're old.

The youth are either long haired psychos or fancy clothes idiots. Just go sit in a class room and look around: the fat kid and the scrawny glasses wearing kid gets bugged, the bubble gum chewing cheerleaders have no clue what a vowel or a verb is and just say "whatever", while the sports types show of their muscles in tight 200$ outfits.
In the back you have the doped out headbangers and up front some of the smartiepants that just learn and have no social life.
And ALL of them come home, yell at their parent(s) if they're home, which more often than ever are not, and go watch some TV where more people get killed, beat-up, etc. But NO the TV isn't the problem, yup, ok, whatever.
They have some low on vitamin food that is so greasy, you could use it as gel for your hair and wonder why they can't eat so much or they'll get fat.

Everyone diets and as soon as they stop get the weight right back and magazines devote tons and tons of pages to dieting, like it's some miracle that the old eating habit makes fat and when you don't eat, you get thin. "Like Duh!"

All of them like fast going vehicles and like to show of their skills to other people, knowing that they're being stupid when you ride a dirtbike on one wheel or going 160km a hour on the highway. But they don't care about dying, and for them God or something heavenly does not exist, but they do "believe" necklaces and other stupid paraphernalia work as good luck charms, not to mention their "lucky" boxershorts or "lucky" bracelet.
What did the bracelet do for you?

Everything has become so stupid, we turn on the radio and some Barbie doll and some nicely dressed gangster screams into a microphone that they'll treat you right, but forget to mention the fact that the cost of their albums are just a rip-off and that this will be their last hit. Yet we all believe it and happily hum to some stupid guy singing "let me see that thong", hello? Sisqo is GAY! GAY! GAY! If you see a guy with pale white hair dancing around half naked we call them GAY! But just because it's TV he's not gay? I don't think so. Yet the youth loves it.

I'm telling you, the youth is going down the drain.


"I already know my life sucks, so you don't need to remind me"