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Monday, July 10, 2000 the day north dakota will never forget
Tomorrow at the Court
Pedophiles with attitudes
Former Chairman/CEO of America Online, Steve Case will be going to court.... if charged he will be now conciderd a offical pedophile. 
POLICE BUSTED... Kevin Mitinik again~!~!~!!!!
It seems he has done it again, Kevin Mitinik has just used the government for some r00t access. If charged tomarrow he will go back to jail for...... life??

Arrest Zillion Before you even wonder who hacked this site.
Another Rip off defacement web site www.safemode.org is ownd by a hacker he goes by the name of zillion and he fully runs safemode.org
some of his defacements were
ps. arrest this hacker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and tell him "artech-obzerve own you"
Biggest Hackers alive and wanted....?????
Yep But they will not be in court tomorrow or ever because why??? they are the biggest hackers:
names: artech, obzerve, nemesystem, adm crew, n30, dhc crew, GForce Pakistan, iz c0rp, sorry if artech and obzerve forgot to add you name in the greets thinggy =)
ps. hey izc0rp (i forgot your icq#)
Busted for bad web sites (bad design, bad content, bad site just plane out ugly iface)
Antionline.com, Anticode.com, Aol.com, Any web site with a except for attrition. 
Suit against N.D. Supreme Court Because why? Bad Security
Federal judge Will take full fault for not securing the supreme courts web site why..... he just said "hey if anyone is going to get busted let it be me, okay...?" so we guess he is the one that hacked this page.
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