s k r u ` e d
h a c k e d b y


First objective of this defacement goes to Malaysia Goverment regarding their misunderstanding of Malaysian teenagers. It`s time to change the concept. Open your eyes! Look at your teenagers and think! How far do your teenagers understand the meaning of 'campaign' or 'club'? Many of campaigns or clubs are meaningless and not effective at all. Why? Do you really understand your teenagers? Or don't you ever think?

Example; What happened to "Kelab Rakan Muda"? I noticed Kelab Rakan Muda is active almost throughout the whole country. But today Kelab Rakan Muda is just active in Petaling Jaya. Is it? What happened to the other clubs or campaigns? Missing?
Eventhough millions of ringgit are wasted on it, the goverment is still doing the same thing.
Stop wasting our money ( Why our money? Because my father pays government taxes ).

Why don`t I tell you what teenagers want? The reason is because you won`t listen to small kids like me. Bloody egotistic.

Second objective goes to Berita Harian reporters. Stop cheating us with your stories and news. What do you get with the untrue reports? Publicity? We are not blind, deaf or stupid like your mother. Why don't you shut up when you don't really know what the story's about? Or else I`ll give a bad image of your company and your name to the whole world, real AND virtual. Bloody big mouth.

To admins who don`t care about his duty. Don`t blame me or other people about this defacement.If you can`t do your duty properly you'd better quit your job. Thousand of people outside here are better then you, indeed. Anyway holes patched, mail me for detail : senn@hehe.com

Thanks goes to
pisang, GWA, quiksand, skatan, axxie, starparty, zAtb0y, Lan_Tong,
_ferre_, beads, bukuteks, Cruci, GTO, rts-, brick, teddy, bluski,
DRAY, atuk, Am|r, pijat, Riss-Q, rix-t, auricom, omenix, antu-bz,
e-jai, Twin-Bro, korn16boy, e-s-a-m, gugila, s0nic, nanonano,
nysupa, slippin`, transa, Frisky, FuCT, bende, Hacktic.

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