"Time is not forever, Time is passing by
You and me should never, ask for the reason why
Do you understand me, what I try to say
Love is not forever, I wan't you here to stay
I'll try to tell you what birds can never say
Feelings and emotions, the price we have to pay
In this world we're living, love is hard to find.
But taking and forgiving, that's the reason why......"


hack dedicated to Tove which guide me thru the darkness....


Looks like your "football site" went boom, anyhow, show us some skill and do; mv index.old index.htm and everything will be fine, you suck, cheers!

i also wan't to give my best regards to the people in Russia which lost
their kids in this nasty accident with the Submarine, I know nothing can replace
the loss you've experienced, but the goverment is once again guilty.

mad props to these guyz :

the rest of BL4F crew - keep it up boyz!.
everyone I know and the once who support me...

HFG / ADM / attrition.org

Fuckouts :

every gay crew defacing .kr/.jp sitez and are looking for fame...
hackweiser, we diss you if we like, you are gays and you are the once looking for fame, we are looking for a "secure" internet. Without kiddies like you!

the rest of the kiddies which i don't know, you all suck! ~8)


mail me at bl4f@freebox.com, i'm looking for a security job ;)