Följande information skickades ut i veckan:

"NORTH POLE - November 26, 1996 (MMG) - At a press conference today Santa Claus announced the launching of his new website at http://www.santa4kids.com/santacam featuring the newly developed SantaCam(tm).

Santa declared, "So many children have had questions about what I do all year in preparation for my big journey on Christmas Eve I have decided to give them a glimpse of my daily life."

Combining the technology of the SantaCam(tm) with the worldwide use of the Internet, Santa is now accessible to everyone all year round. Follow Santa around in his home and workshop as he and his elves prepare to deliver gifts to children all over the world on Christmas Eve.

For the first time ever, Santa has opened up and is willing to share his private life to the public. To see Santa with your own eyes, visit him at http://www..santa4kids.com/santacam."