Den nynazistiska gruppen No Remorse har beslutat sig för att splittras. Läs gruppens ledare, Paul Burnleys, förklaring nedan.

Statement on No Remorse 1986 - 1996
By Paul Burnley

1st November 1996 marked the ten year anniversary of the group No Remorse.
It was on that date a decade ago that myself, Mark, Archie and Stew got together in Woolwich, South East London for our very first practice.

No Remorse has come a long way since then. Their have been many highs and lows along the way, but all through the years the band has remained steadfast and true to its name and its ideals.

For a long time now I have seen this ten year milestone as a date upon which the future of No Remorse would be decided.

I have thought long and hard about whether the time and commitment would be there to serve the band the way it should be served, or whether it would be best to end it with the dignity and respect it so rightly receives. It is for this reason that I have chosen the latter.

No Remorse has fulfilled all that it had first intended, and more. If 'Under The Gods' is the very last No Remorse recording, then I can rest easy in the knowledge that it is one of the bands' greatest musical achievements.

After eight LPs and various singles, compilations and spin-offs, I have decided to concentrate my efforts on several other projects, including the 'Kindred Spirit' recordings of which I am very proud to play a part in.

If any of my enemies feel that their actions have had any bearing on my decision they are badly mistaken. This is not a retreat, but a dignified end to something that has given me, and my fellow musicians, enormous pride.

I would like to end this statement by sincerely thanking everyone who played a part in the story of No Remorse (bar the few that couldn't quite grasp what it was all about), all my friends in Britain, Europe and the Greater World and especially Ian Stuart (for eternal inspiration), Nordland and Resistance for showing faith in No Remorse when all around were blinded by lies and their own mis-judgement.


For Blood, Honour and the Glory of Skrewdriver

Paul Burnley.