Det holländska företaget nEUROroom som bl.a. sålde marijuana över nätet, vilket är lagligt enligt holländsk lagstiftning, fick nyligen sin hemsida stoppad. Efter påtryckningar från EU av bl.a. Frankrike, tog holländska polisen detta beslut. nEUROroom skriver följande som kommentar:

On request of the Amsterdam Police XS4ALL.NL provider was forced to close down our 3xbe website because of the nEUROroom experiment. NEUROROOM GOT BUSTED and will be questioned by the Amsterdam police.

nEUROroom experiment was WWW active from 3/3/96 - 11/3/97 visited by 16.000 people. We would like to thank everybody who was involved in this WWW experiment.

3xBe Company will continue its usual activities on DDS. It may be clear that the NEW neuroroom site will NO longer offer any of its previous services !!

For more information about nEUROroom on EARTH & process of all neuroroom www-materials on documenta X email to or watch our site next weeks for NEW Pressreleases:

WE ARE LOOKING FOR DONATIONS FOR OUR "neuroroom down on earth: from bits to atoms" artifacts. Donations in any way are very WELCOME to help us through this earthborn law fight.